• Lucazin, Mikael
  • Utkast till ortografi över skånska språket med morfologi och ordlista. Första revisionen.
  • 188 pages
  • Year 2010
  • isbn 978-91-977265-2-8
  • Creative Commons license Creative Commons License
  • Download »» pdf [1.5 MB]

It can be quite troublesome for authors and readers to fully enjoy the beautiful scanian language in writing. Composition and comprehension becomes difficult even for an experienced professor of linguistics. With this book authors don't have to fiddle with the translation from sound to glyph, or create their set of spelling rules. Well, if you are interested in writing or reading scanian, or just plain linguistics this book might be for you. It merges the scanian dialects under a single umbrella and unvells diversity in the world of languages. With a little effort you probably will be able to grasp the content even though the text body is written in swedish.
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